Wednesday, March 06, 2013


A drawing of my typewriter back in 1981. Back in the 1970s you needed a typewriter with a long carriage if you were going to duplicate A5 size booklets!

1976 was a changing year for me. There was the Ipswich Poetry Workshop and Stable Press (I had published two issues of Stable Magazine and various booklets); and 25 poems were published in magazines, including AMBIT, which paid a little. I lived between Clare and Ipswich and I lived on very little.

However, Christmas was terrible. With the family gathered, Dad told us he'd been diagnosed with bowel cancer and faced a major day-long operation in the New Year. 1977 was going to be tough.


Iftikhar Ahmed said...

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Bill said...

Super drawing Rupert! Enjoying reading the story so far. We need more illustrations like this one...! An illustrated biography?

Rupert Mallin said...

Thanks very much Bill. I'll try and include some more drawings.

Best wishes,