Thursday, January 03, 2013


Well, I have spent my day working, reading and making dinner. I also went to the Post Office on Aylsham Road and then brought in the bins (Blue recycle bin, Black food bin). I waved at a neighbour. A letter arrived (junk mail) and a strange "bleep-bleep" echoed around my flat. Took ages to find out a battery needed changing.

This creature visited me in the night. Several of them. They began to melt. I was made to feel it was all my fault. I woke with a start: so hot I felt I was melting and out of bed with a Crash! I had smashed into the debris of my hoarding compulsion. What a noise. Luckily, more debris broke my fall.

NEWS:- The FTSE index is up for the second day running! Above 6,000 points for the second day in a row (a recent record)

Thought for The Day: Always keep hold of your purse when descending a cliff

Weather report: A spot of sun but mostly cloud over Norwich

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