Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's that time of year... and I'm looking forward to a blogging project here everyday in 2013. Alongside all the other posts, I will be posting a proper day-by-day diary. However, only a small part will be my life. Basically it will consist of the following:-

  • an image
  • what I am doing today
  • a major international/national news item
  • my thought for the day
  • weather report (at that moment, the view from my window)
  • a postscript (as an option the day after)
Yes, it's going to be BBC Radio 4's 'Today Programme' strained through old socks.

Surrealism was all about connecting ones inner dreams with the concrete world in front of ones senses.

So, this will be a project to connect the Inner Blog with the Outer Blog (and yes, it is the thirtieth anniversary since ET hit our cinemas...)

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